We build and support securities-based crowdfunding portals
for Health Innovators

Our software is white-labeled and integrates seamlessly with any website.
It's user friendly with an incredible number of features, and growing all the time.
Who are you?
You're a Health Innovator looking to build a portal where investors can invest in you or your group of companies through crowdfunding.
Who are we?
We provide a white-labeled software to get your securities-based crowdfunding portal up and running and a marketplace of healthcare portals, issuers and investors.
How we work
Our fully-compliant software handles everything from investor qualification to the processing and fulfillment of private securities sales. Our marketplace drives investors to you.
It starts here
We're ready to help you conquer the world of securities-based crowdfunding.
  • Build an investment portal around your company (Single Issuer Portal).
  • Develop a portal with a portfolio of companies raising funds (Multi-offer Portal).
  • Launch a turnkey product for the transaction, settlement and fulfillment of private securities.
  • Join our marketplace and related support services to streamline and maximize investor acquisition.
We'll work with you
From ideation to implementation, we've got you covered.
  • Navigate the regulatory environment and due diligence process.
  • Define effective investor marketing strategies.
  • Build your business case and establish your brand.
  • Tap into HealthEffect, our community of Healthcare Influencers and Investors.
A solid foundation
From simpler implementations to customized solutions, our software works.
From the moment an equity issuer's due diligence package is complete until the
investors are provided liquidity, our software and services ensure a compliant,
scalable and profitable platform solution.
Our philosophy
We know securities-based crowdfunding and we want to share our knowledge with you
We're not just advisors on your project, we're partners in your success.
We consider ourselves an expert partner who is committed to building
and supporting your portal, and we're alongside of you every step of the way.
Tap into HealthEffect
HealthEffect is a platform that connects Medical Innovators with Healthcare Influencers to advance innovation through collaboration, meaningful interactions, advice and a pathway to investment. CLiHealth clients and their equity issuers have unlimited and preferred access to the HealthEffect community.
HealthEffect community
A vibrant community of top nurses, doctors, healthcare executives, accountants, lawyers, patients and more, who are eager to engage with you or the companies raising funds on your portal.
Sources of capital
Equity issuers on your portal need both financial and intellectual capital. Our community matches your Medical Innovators to the Healthcare Influencers that can invest funds or provide critical strategic guidance.
Tremendous value
Healthcare professionals unite to solve problems and advance innovation for startups. The greatest minds in Medicine live here and CLiHealth provides all of your equity issuers with unlimited access to this community at no cost.
Visit HealthEffect
We're all in this together
Our team is a powerful union of regulatory knowledge, crowdfunding expertise, and healthcare experience.
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We're ready to get your equity crowdfunding platform up and running, fast.
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